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Root Canals in Wheaton, IL

At Shining Smiles, we perform safe, effective root canals in Wheaton, IL, for patients suffering from tooth decay. While the thought of receiving a root canal fills some patients with dread, this highly beneficial and common endodontic procedure doesn't take much more time than a routine filling. As a matter of fact, the procedure itself involves minimal pain and discomfort, especially compared to the painful tissue damage that results from avoiding a necessary root canal. If you are experiencing mouth pain that results from tooth decay and infection, schedule an appointment with us to discuss the benefits of root canals.

One of our most common dental services, root canals are the removal of decayed, damaged material inside the tooth. Today's endodontic treatments eliminate infection and inflammation by going to the source of the problem to prevent further damage. Infected teeth are among the most intense sources of pain, and infected pulp inside of your teeth that results in painful abscesses affects your day-to-day quality of life. Our office has the experienced root canal dentist, though, who will restore your oral health and end your pain.

Come to Us for a Stress-Free Root Canal

Our family dentist office has all the resources you need under a single roof. Our specialists in cosmetic dentistry use the latest technology and procedures to provide you with superior dental care. Trust the dentists at our state-of-the-art facility to take care of your oral health from start to finish. From routine cleanings to root canals, our compassionate dentists are here to protect your oral health.

Your root canal begins with an X-Ray that allows our dentist to evaluate the affected tooth. Prior to the procedure, you will receive anesthesia to minimize discomfort. The procedure itself involves cleaning out the infected material and damaged tissue from inside the tooth. We then fill the tooth and seal it before applying a permanent crown. After one or two appointments, your root canal will be complete and your mouth will both feel and work better. Each case is different, and we give you the personalized attention you need to receive the most effective dental procedure.

Trust Our Root Canal Dentist to End Your Mouth Pain

Woman With a Healthy Smile in Wheaton, IL

When you come to our friendly dental office for root canals, you receive two benefits. First, our procedures eliminate the pain in your mouth, and second, they prevent your teeth and gums from undergoing the further damage that results from the spread of infection. We're the dental practice you can count on when you want to experience the highest level of dental care. Come to us for the safe, routine root canals that will have your mouth feeling better.

Contact us when you need a root canal in a comfortable setting. We proudly treat patients from the Wheaton, Naperville, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Carol Stream, Downers Grove, Lisle, and Warrenville Illinois, areas.